The services we offer

Celebrity Management(Actors/ Singers/ Artists/ Models/ Performers/ Sports Stars)

  • Celebrity Appearances
  • Celebrity Performances
  • Brand Endorsements
  • Events Performances
  • Music Shows
  • Live Shows
  • Public Relations,

Movie Talent Search

  • Casting Management
  • Story/ Script Writers
  • Directors
  • Technical Talents

Movie Investment Opportunities

The glamour and glitz of the film industry with its blockbusters, opulent award ceremonies and legions of celebrities might suggest that film backers always hit the jackpot. But while this might be the case for some investors, the reality for many is far removed from this dream scenario. It can be high risk — many films, for example, do not even make a mark in the box office.

So, we help the investors to identify the best movie investment opportunities by analyzing the story, screenplay, cast, director,etc. We implement perfect ideas to enable our movie investors to get the most for their money. We also adhere to policies to ensure absolute transparency for our investors. We work with the core objective of business integrity and honesty.